Sonny and Brenda Music

Sonny and Brenda Theme
(745kb; 1:03 minutes; MP3)

"Nobody Knows" by the Tony Rich Project
(4.68MB; 5:06 minutes; MP3)

"Crazy Love" by Cassandra Wilson
(2.93MB; 3:11 minutes; MP3

"Shadows In A Mirror" by Chris Isaak
(3.65MB; 3:59 minutes; MP3)

"I'm With You" by Avril Lavigne (song played when Brenda left Port Charles in February, 2003)
(3.42MB; 3:43 minutes; MP3)

"Did I Imagine You?" by Dot Allison (song played when Brenda saw Sonny alive in 2002)
(3.97MB; 4:20 minutes; MP3)

"Fever" by Peggy Lee
(3.04MB; 3:19 minutes; MP3)

Daena Jay - September 3, 2010